FUGE at University of Bergen presents
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Lecturers / Speakers
Jonathan Irish, Ph.D., Stanford University
Karen Sachs, Ph.D., Stanford University
Jørn Skavland, M.Sc., UiB
Maria Elisabeth Kalland, M.Sc., UiO
Anders Egeland, M.Sc., UiO
Sonia Gavasso, M.Sc., UiB
Cell signaling normally governs checkpoints throughout development, and alteration of signaling plays a driving role in human diseases, such as cancer. Phospho-specific flow cytometry can characterize signaling at the network level in individual cells. This technique is especially useful in comparing subsets of cells present within heterogeneous primary tissue samples. Day 1 of the phospho-flow workshop will begin with tutorials and recent example applications of the technique in the morning. In the afternoon, students will conduct a phospho-flow stimulation experiment. Day 2 will begin with staining and collecting the samples from Day 1, followed by tutorials on how to analyze experiments from the course and other data sets with Cytobank (http://www.cytobank.org/).
Day 1
Day 2
What: Basic phospho-flow lectures and first part of hands-on
When: Thursday, May 14th
Registration: 09:30 - 10:00             
: 10:15 - 13:00                    
Signaling Experiments: 14:00 - 16:30
Where: BBB building at University of Bergen
Adress: Haukelandsbakken 89
Registration in conference room 109F
Lectures in Auditorium 2, BBB
Topics for the day:
Signaling profiles: how to choose input stimuli and phospho-protein readouts
Using titrations and kinetics to optimize a signaling experiment
Saving time and money with cell barcoding
Examples applications of phospho-flow in healthy cells and cancer cells
What: Second part of hands-on and sample analysis using Cytobank.
When: Friday, May 15th
Collection & Analysis: 09:00 - 12:00
Lectures: 13:00 - 16:30
Where: BBB building at University of Bergen
Adress: Haukelandsbakken 89
Lectures in Auditorium 4, BBB
Topics for the day:
New analysis techniques: heat maps, shaded histogram overlays, and ‘3D’ plots
Web-based storage and data analysis with Cytobank (www.cytobank.org)
Other information:

You can choose to register for lectures and hands-on session (1000 NOK) or only register for the lectures (which includes data analysis; 500 NOK). The hands-on session is limited to 30 registered participants. Payment must accompany your registration. For more information, please contact: Elisabeth Ersvær, Ph.D, UiB: elisabeth.ersvar@med.uib.no. or call her on telephone +47 55973076.

For registration go to http://register.uib.no/fcw/

After acceptance/enrolement for the workshop please, pay the registration fee of NOK 1000,- (or 500,- for lectures only) to the following Bank Account no.: 7694.05.00857

Please label the payment with the following information:
Institute: 131700
Project: 802687
Activity: 1.2NFR_Drift

from abroad:
IBAN: NO52 7694 05 00857

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